Friday, August 26, 2005


We have been on vacation and it was 96 today. We are only good until about 80 degrees. At almost midnight, it has only dropped to 84. This leads me to several questions:

1. How do people in hot climates keep from killing each other? The heat makes me crabby. Really crabby. I remember an apartment complex down the block getting painted a bright orange. I swear it was the same orange proven to incite violence in prisons (baby blue works best for keeping it down). Shortly thereafter, we had a heatwave. The kind of heat where the air is still and it's just too hot to move anywhere but the freezer section at the grocery store. That was the only time in the five years I lived in that neighborhood, that we had a murder on our street. It was some guy in the aggression-orange apartment buildings... he stabbed his wife to death. I'm not making any excuses for an obvious total psycho. However, I couldn't help but wonder at the time if the other factors contributed a little.

2. A friend pointed out that Bush spends his presidential vacation near Waco, Texas - which is REALLY hot in August. I wondered if it affected his decision making abilities, but decided no, because he must be used to the heat. I do wonder however, if any of the staffers he has in tow make different recommendations in heat.

3. This is a completely ignorant, stupid suggestion, but do hot areas have issues they wouldn't have in cold environments? Isn't the Middle East hot? Maybe they need to hold peace talks somewhere a lot more comfortable. "Iceland Peace Accords" isn't taken yet. The domain is still available! You could hold it in winter and let people leave the tables with the understanding that they would have to wait outside until they felt like talking again. Iceland is so cold, they don't have insects (or at least they are scarce).

It's feeling cooler now. Going to get some sleep.

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