Monday, August 30, 2004

Crys says...

"Don't buy trouble, when you can get it for free."

Note to self: Repeat 10x until urge to create drama ceases.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Missing Buzzy

This morning, as with lots of moments this past month, I'm missing Buzzy. I think often of a quote from Natalya Reshetovskaya's obituary (first wife of Novel laureate Alexander SoIzhenbitsyn, author of "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich"):
"It's possible that it may seem strange... to someone, but, alas, I love him right up to this moment. And the thought never leaves me -- will I really never see him again?"
and also of Pablo Neruda's lines:
love is so short, forgetting is so long

I'm sure this is going to feel better as time goes on. I just hope he is at peace and smiling down on us all from somewhere in the beyond.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


You know that William Carlos Williams poem about the wheelbarrow? Here's my version:

so much depends

that last bag of

dangerously cheesy

lunch at my desk.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


They were okay. Just out of the box.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Crickets & Recovering Chairs

My dining room chairs have a really ugly southwest plaid on them and I can't stand it anymore. After a trip to UFO, fabric store nirvana, I have everything I need to do a wannabe HGTV type makeover. It looks a lot easier on TV. It took me an hour to do one chair. I have five more to do! Argh.

So I'm ruminating on the exciting topic of chair recovering (yawn) and I kept hearing this chirp. I'd heard it last night too, but didn't think much of it. Now I know the source. I just looked up to find a large cricket on my wall. I of course did the unsteriotypical thing :P - I screamed and jumped out of my chair. Cricket fans will be proud that I captured it in some tupperware and threw it outside. I don't mind crickets, I just don't like them in the house.

Speaking of bugs and chairs, I am redoing my chairs in a dragonfly pattern.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Milk Chocolate Mousse

with fresh blackberries on top. Really yummy.

Did I mention I'm not as fat as you might think considering all of the bad things I eat.

This blog software works a lot better in IE on a PC than Safari on a Mac.


I compulsively bake. There is no doubt about it. I love to cook, but I especially love to bake. I've decided to document my baking follies.

So making up for this week's missed post...

8/17/04 I made 20 cupcakes. Vanilla cake with milk chocolate frosting. They turned out great. I love foil cupcake liners. I wonder if it's true that you can use them on a baking sheet. Has anyone else had success not using muffin tins?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

More Cool Lyrics

Okay, I couldn't resist adding this from John Mayer:

"Would you want me when I'm someone else?/Wait it out while I am someone else ". and "I'll in time come around./I always do for you". - from Not Myself

Last Post Tonight

I need to stop avoiding what I am supposed to be working on.

Michael Moore

My first commenter implied that writer's block could be helped by talking about Michael Moore and G.W. I will say this. I am not going to pay to see Fahrenheit 911. At the most I might NetFlix it. My boyfriend suggested we pay for another movie and then sneak into F.911. We would not be showing support for the film, but would get to see it. I am curious about it. I really enjoyed Bowling for Columbine. However, I viewed it knowing it was not a documentary in the PBS sense, but a documentary from the world according to Michael Moore. It worried me how many uninformed people would take everything he had to say at face value, or worse as fact. I can respect almost anyone's opinion, as long as they 1. thought for themself and 2. are informed. There's nothing worse - right or left - than a bigot or someone who just wants to spout party line.

Okay, so there it is... something about an inflamatory topic. Comment away.

I love John Mayer

...because his lyrics capture stuff I've felt but never known how to say. Par example:

"I can't find where the moment went wrong at all" and "I survive on the air you are finished with". - from Come Back to Bed

"I still you'd fought me til your dying day/Don't let me get away". and "there's no substance in 'for a time'" - from Split Screen Sadness

"She's like a maze where all of the walls continually change/And I've done all I can to stand on the steps with my heart in my hand/Now I'm starting to see maybe it's got nothing to do with me." - from Daughters

"I'd rather be a mystery than she desert me". - from My Stupid Mouth

I think a blog can include other people's words. It's really just a place for me to put things so I can get them out of my inner monologue. We'll see if it works or not.

It's also helping me avoid finishing my article. Ug, I hate the APA format. Why did I have to learn MLA first!?

Uh oh, my blogging is starting to bore me. I can't imagine this is interesting to anyone else. I should remember to hide this or just delete the posts when I'm done.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Creating a blog seems narcisistic somehow. I think I have writer's block already.