Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gnome Poo(h)

I found the best vending machine ever at Ranch 99 yesterday. I was hoping to get the gnome or slug Pooh, but am happy with my Peek-A-Pooh Flower Pot Pooh.
I tried using it on my cell phone, but found it too hard to get out of my pocket and it kept snagging my ear buds. I wish I could buy them individually. I am also interested in Cancer Pooh, Mole Pooh, Bush Baby Pooh, Octopus Pooh and most ironic of all time, Yule Log Pooh.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who Knew? Putin's Poodle

That's right folks - he's almost through his second term and I just found out that he has a poodle:

How did I miss that? I wonder if any US presidents have ever owned poodles while in office? It's hard to picture, unless it was their "wife's dog". Apparently he has been seen with many types of animals, including some more macho varieties of pooches. For your gratitous amusement from English Russia:

It has been said that one can show his real face only when he is sure that nobody is watching him or when he is playing with animals. Many people are asking a question “Who is Mr. Putin?”, maybe these photos can give them a clue.

All Things Maternal

Home playing nurse is giving me a quick chance to debrief you on some of my most recent and odd web findings. I've been having fun looking at, a place where people sell homemade crafts. I aspire to also do so, but most of my crafts are kits and totally unoriginal, which isn't allowed. While perusing the site, I found tons of cute things to buy for myself or as gifts. Also stumbled upon was a boutique with Rockstar Maternity clothing. Check out this AC/DC rock cardigan:

I also discovered an active topic on how to sell breastmilk. My favorite reply was from BrassMonkeyDesigns about the potential audience:

My sister worked with a woman who used a breast pump at work and kept her milk in the fridge there. The lady caught a guy pouring it into his coffee. She said there was NO way it was an accident because it was very clearly labelled.