Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why I Need To Lose Weight

Yesterday I was checking out an outfit and my scant makeup in the mirror. I caught the voice inside me say, "That'll do, pig, that'll do."

Or maybe I should just go for the wife's look. I'm getting closer by the day! Stuff that used to look sexy looks more like a flesh explosion. /self loathing

"Astronomy is Hot!"

Ye of little faith thought that this blog had been abandoned. Nay! With material like this, the blog must go on:

In a follow up to my original kilt post, I want to inform the public that a kilted astronomy club, or rather a regiment within said organization, exists right here in California! Yes, 'tis true.

I can't find an explanation of how they decided to wear utilikilts, which mystifies me. Astronomy is a night activity and while Sacramento gets really hot, it seems like star gazing is more suited to pants. Am I missing something?!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Empress

Sorry for the scary pic!

Which Tarot Card Are You?

You are the Empress card. The Empress is the archetype of the Mother. She creates and nurtures life. She represents the abundance of Mother Earth. The Empress is capable of using nature in a productive way. She espouses art for art's sake. Her planet is Venus, and she embodies love of beauty and a strong value system. Here is also found initial sensation. This is the first really physical experience of the world that The Fool has entered. The Empress has a rich understanding of the world based on her five senses. In a reading, The Empress represents pregnancy, actual or metaphorical. She indicates an act of creation and a sensual experience of beauty. The Empress is a nurturing force that wishes to see the product of her experiences reach the next stage of development. Image from A Photographic Tarot http://www.bluewitch.com/healingtarot/healtar.htm Deck
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