Wednesday, March 07, 2007

All Things Maternal

Home playing nurse is giving me a quick chance to debrief you on some of my most recent and odd web findings. I've been having fun looking at, a place where people sell homemade crafts. I aspire to also do so, but most of my crafts are kits and totally unoriginal, which isn't allowed. While perusing the site, I found tons of cute things to buy for myself or as gifts. Also stumbled upon was a boutique with Rockstar Maternity clothing. Check out this AC/DC rock cardigan:

I also discovered an active topic on how to sell breastmilk. My favorite reply was from BrassMonkeyDesigns about the potential audience:

My sister worked with a woman who used a breast pump at work and kept her milk in the fridge there. The lady caught a guy pouring it into his coffee. She said there was NO way it was an accident because it was very clearly labelled.


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