Saturday, August 14, 2004

Michael Moore

My first commenter implied that writer's block could be helped by talking about Michael Moore and G.W. I will say this. I am not going to pay to see Fahrenheit 911. At the most I might NetFlix it. My boyfriend suggested we pay for another movie and then sneak into F.911. We would not be showing support for the film, but would get to see it. I am curious about it. I really enjoyed Bowling for Columbine. However, I viewed it knowing it was not a documentary in the PBS sense, but a documentary from the world according to Michael Moore. It worried me how many uninformed people would take everything he had to say at face value, or worse as fact. I can respect almost anyone's opinion, as long as they 1. thought for themself and 2. are informed. There's nothing worse - right or left - than a bigot or someone who just wants to spout party line.

Okay, so there it is... something about an inflamatory topic. Comment away.

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