Monday, August 01, 2005

Cool Stuff For Single Girls To Do

Looking for ways to fill my time - here are some serious candidates...

Gourds for Home Decor

Mystic Mushrooms - I'm such a nerd... that one looks pretty good. "How do mushrooms produce?"

Kansas and Eddie Money at Rincon - Dude, just dust in the wind.

Bobby McFerrin - I have known a lot of guys who loved to do McFerrin impersonations. It's kind of scary when you're driving with them because it involves lots of slapping yourself and dual hand moves... aside from just the sheer terror it already evokes!

Judy Collins - You have not fully appreciated Judy Collins until you have read Anthony Bourdain's passage about going through the endless Moroccan desert with only a Judy Collins tape to listen to. They used Bon Jovi to lure Noriego out. They are missing the boat and could seriously be crushing insurgents with some good ol' western folk music.

Sorry, Michael McDonald has been sold out. Even the description describes him as the "Former Steely Dan keyboardist and Doobie Brothers vocalist (it's his Mighty-Mouse-on-steroids soulful huskiness we remember from their songs)..."

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comment dit-on said...

Single? You're single again? What about Mr. Green Eyes?