Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Getting Stuff Done

I'm glad no one can see the kitchen table I'm writing from. It's a mess of half done projects. A birdhouse I need to sand and varnish, a Harry Potter audio book we started, unread magazines (I get at least 7 or at least did before I lost track as one or two were Christmas presents), double prints and unsent cards, things to add to the calendar or RSVP for and me. No spiders lurking tonight. Looking around I see the article on how to ripen fruit that I want to save (bananas are magical fruit, not beans(!) because of the ethylene gas they emit). All of this and I managed to find energy to put flowers on the table, but not to clean any of this stuff off. This whole corner of the house is a project. On the floor and in my deluded sense, out of sight, I have a teacup and pez display that needs to be hung somewhere... probably my next house ;).

Catching up on Lifehacker today, I read a bunch of compelling things about being organized and productive. The one that most interested me was Dave Pollard's The Nine Reasons We Don't Do What We Should

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