Saturday, August 20, 2005

Across the Universe

Trying to decipher some words in "Across the Universe", I found out the line repeated several times that didn't sound like english, wasn't:

Jai guru deva om.

Maybe I'm the last person in the western world to know that it was a shout out to John Lennon's Guru Dev. Is there anything that is not in Wikipedia!? Well, I'm not. There is no entry for 'baglady'.


notkevin said...

That is interesting because the FAQ has a different interpretation. You can find it by going to the R.M.B. FAQ and scrolling down to number 12. The wikipidia also fails to mention that it is Sanskrit.

comment dit-on said...

Apparently, you're not. I am.

D said...

Have u heard the Rufus Wainwright version?