Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stupid Romantics/Jealous of the Moon

Maybe if I blog about this, I will feel better. Here goes...

My boyfriend and I broke up a couple weeks ago. It was my doing and I don't have a right to be mopey. I'm taking a class and we're reading from the romantic period. I am not in the mood. I just want to stick all the whiney, romantic characters in the eye with something sharp. "Take that fool! Why did you think it would work out?!!"

My new favorite song is "Jealous of the Moon" from Nickel Creek's new album:

Trying on a brand new dress
But you haven't worn the old one yet.
You've come too far, to turn around now.
Giving up a good fight.
You're as strong as anyone.
You're back when you started from,
I see you're back where you started from.

Staring down the stars, jealous of the moon
You wish you could fly.
But you're staying where you are,
there's nothing you can do,
if you're too scared to try.

Drag your pretty head around
Swearing you're gonna drown with a beautiful sigh and a river of lies.

I hate to see a friend of mine,
Laughing out loud when she's crying inside,
but you've got your pride.


I think blogging nullifies the pride claim :P.

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comment dit-on said...

Thinking about you.

And wondering why you're hating on us bloggers. We've got pride, yes we do! : )