Thursday, October 06, 2005

What Your Workspace Says About You

Interesting post on Open Loops (via Lifehacker) about what your workplace says or doesn't say about you.

"Whose Got the Time? – Those who “get it done” are time conscious and will often have a time piece somewhere to help them keep track of the time. “Clock lovers are often meticulous and hardworking.”"

Not going to run out and get some clocks. I have two on my desk (on my computers) and three when you count the phone. Four with my cell phone.

"Motivation Plaques, Posters, etc. – This person is engaged in their job and wants to stay engaged."

I know what they're saying. When I see one of those motivational posters in a conference room it is akin to a bonehead alarm. "Bonehead nearby and/or in charge" :-D :O!

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