Sunday, October 23, 2005

Brother, Can You Spare A Kotex?

This is something I take for granted and can't even imagine living without. It also proves what a man's world it is, especially in Zimbabwe. If men got their periods, women could take over governments across the world in non-violent coups in less than one lunar month.

Zimbabwe in sanitary towels plea

Women trade unionists in Zimbabwe have appealed for international funds to make sanitary towels available at an affordable price.

South African towels are available at black market prices, but one month's supplies can easily cost half a month's wages - much more if a woman has teenaged daughters at home, who also need them.

"One MP within the parliament did raise the issue of the sanitary towels," she told the BBC.

"But society finds it taboo to talk about it, so to them it was just a joke, because everyone laughed when they talked about it.

"And I remember one minister said we should go back to history: somebody's telling us now we should go back and use hides."

But Ms Khumalo says women are now reduced to using rags and old newspapers, which are uncomfortable and unpleasant and increase the risk of infections.


This was not a sophisticated ruse to lose all male readers of my blog ;). I swear. I didn't even bring up tampons, so there.

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