Saturday, September 25, 2004


Does blogging late on a Saturday night make me pathetic?

Maybe I have insomnia?

Maybe I napped too much today?

If I wasn't so dragged out, I'd have spent time writing a haiku about that. Okay, I'll try...


Quiet night others sleep
Lonely Baglady blogging
Tylenol P.M.

Okay, now that came out wrong, because I've only had a Tylenol P.M. twice, but I probably sound like someone addicted to soft-core sleeping pills :P.

Going to make an attempt to go to bed now!


mc80 said...

I like the Advil with the highest MM of whatever the medicine is. Take four of those...and lights out!

Ms Mac said...

No it's not pathetic, maybe a little bit sad but definitely not pathetic! And I'm sticking to that- we Saturday night bloggers need to stick together!

iffygoescommando said...