Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Back to baking after a short hiatus. Was working on other compulsive projects. I made lasagna from scratch, but used a no boil noodle recipe. It was really stressful. I had all of these good ingredients and worried it would all be surrounded with hard, gross noodles.

Sonic Chill was on the radio and I heard some songs I hadn't heard since they first came out - They Might Be Giants and Cocteau Twins. I'd link, but they only keep playlists online for a week:

10pm Hour

Last Broadcast - Doves
Pepper Tree - Cocteau Twins
Opened Once - Jeff Buckley
Sascha - Jolie Holland
All That I Have - Grant Lee Buffalo
Orbit of Me - Delerium
Obscurity Knocks - Trash Can Sinatras
In My Room - Everything But The Girl
Biological - Air
Inhaler - Hooverphonic
Track 3 - Sigur Ros

11pm Hour

Distractions - Zero 7
Try Whistling This - Neil Finn
Honestly OK - Dido
Anniversary - The Cure
Lit Up - Lush
Sail to the Moon - Radiohead
Venus as a Boy - Bjork
Smokey - Red House Painters
We Are Mice - Azure Ray
Fearless - American Music Club

This is a really boring post. I feel better having admitted that.

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Christine said...

The lasagne was dry! I was so worried about the uncooked noodles that I kept it in the oven 10 mins too long. I'd read a Cook's Illustrated article that ricotta was bad in lasagne and caused too much water, so I felt like extra time in the oven would be good. Argh. I also needed to crumble the italian sausage and not cut it up into small pieces. Definitely something to try again with my own variations. Needed more oregano and other italian spices too.