Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Really Bad News/Baglady Likes Her Butt?

I never assumed that I was the only person using the handle/name/whatever "baglady". That fact was brought home loud and clear to me today when a friend (let's call her Care Bear) shared some new intell with me. Apparently she'd set her IRC client to notify her everytime baglady signed on to the IRC server she uses. This is how she noticed that there was another baglady signing on, but not to the benignly topiced channel Care bear frequents. No friends, the other baglady frequents the channel called "enema-palace".

That honey of a phrase is going to push some funky traffic to my blog - I know it!

What should my new handle be???

1 comment:

Valerie said...

This is what you get for using a self-denigrating nickname. Now if you'd called yourself the True Queen of Bakification, or the Empress of Eclairs, I doubt you'd find impostors signing into enema clubs. On the other hand you might get confused with someone who's really into Jello or frosting orgies.... but, really, which would you rather be confused with?