Thursday, May 18, 2006

Liquid Plumber Manicure

Sure it can unclog a sink, but did you know that it gives the most amazing manicure? My kitchen sink is seriously clogged. My guess is that the mini shredded wheats didn't get all the way down the drain this morning :(. They must have spent all day getting super solid in my poor whittle drain. I plunged the drain for a long time, then poured in LP. I plunged so long on the drain that my plunger broke :(. My arms felt like they were burning a little, so I rinsed them with water (in the working sink). The skin around my inner elbow is feeling hot, but my nails are etched like they've been polished and are very white. I also smell very sterile. My hands are soft like they've been exfoliated. Spa treatments that work by eating proteins are probably dangerous. The silver lining is now I can get a fancy plunger guilt free, since mine is broken. I've always wondered just how much better those ribbed black ones work. Stay tuned...

P.S. Why are there so many people who have pictures of plungers?

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Callie Ream said...

that made me laugh; I have had the same experience while using soft scrub. my nails get so stained from the coffee that it's nice to see them white every once in a while. Nothing like a little DIY and Spa time multitasking, eh?