Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ultimate Sandwich

Ultimate Sandwich, originally uploaded by baglady.

The best part of Spanglish was the DVD extra describing the sandwich Adam Sandler makes as a late night snack in the movie. (Well, to be fair... there were some other good points in the movie.) I skipped the cheese. Here's my version:

Lightly toasted good bread. Small amount of mayo. Fresh tomato and lettuce. Crisp bacon. A fried egg or two. Fried in butter, people!

A BLT or even a BLTA (Avocado) is good already, but not quite filling enough for dinner. The fried egg makes it a more manly BLT. I want to try a BLT with basil instead of lettuce. Don't think that would work well with eggs though.

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catbrier said...

I think basil would work well. I'll try it - just as soon as summer & fresh basil roll around.