Sunday, November 20, 2005

No More Eyebrows

I have a semi-serious habit of tugging at my eyebrows when thinking hard. I swear I'm going to have bald patches in my eyebrows before the semester is over. Since I don't feel a compulsion to do it and don't eat the hair, I feel safe that I don't have Trichotillomania. I always thought of it as something that made you go bald (on your head), but apparently it can affect eyelashes, eyebrows and even underarm and pubic hair. Oh my lord!! I think even the blogger is speechless on that one. Back to studying...

in a minute. I can't resiste a quote from one of the many success stories. Here is a suggestion on how to stop pulling your hair. I think she means something more spiritual than laying a hairball at God's ankles:

1. Lay trichotillomania down at the feet of the Lord. Leave it there and don't pick it up again.

Here is my favorite affirmation from Millie's story:

"This is my hand, which God created for good." " I am in control of it and I don't have to let it raise to my head, to pull out my hair, just because an urge tells it to do so." "My hand will follow God and not an urge."

Reading the site for three minutes has sufficiently scared me out of touching my eyebrows. Okay, now back to studying... I mean it this time.

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