Saturday, May 07, 2005

Chairs for Sale

In Phenomenon, this woman named Luce sells chairs she's made of willow branches out of this guy's shop. She thinks they are selling well and keeps bring more, but the shop owner is actually just buying them all. He wants her to keep coming by and talking to him. Robert Duvall's character later explains to some guy that can't seem to hold onto his girlfriend that every woman has chairs, you just have to figure out what the chairs are and buy them.

It got me wondering what my chairs were and had anyone bought them?

I need to digress a moment. I love the Beck song "Debra". The dork protagonist in the song has obviously no clue that women even have chairs. The part about how he glanced at her nametag and thought her name was Jenny or how he wants only her and her sister ;).

FWIW, if anyone I'm close to is reading this or stumbles on it, I'm really just typing stream of consciousness on this and not trying to say anything pointed. A chief issue is not knowing what the chairs are. I have a few ideas. Maybe no one could help me unless I know where to point them to? I definitely appreciate being appreciated for being weird or strange or dark or quirky or whatever you want to call it. That's not totally it though. I need to think on this more.

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