Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big Boned Women and the Hazards of Jumping

If I ever do internet dating, which I seriously, seriously never plan to do, I would list my ability to clear drains as a skill. I was sure the clogs in my shower and bathroom sink were going to require a visit from my handyman. Nevertheless after being grossed out for the last time at the slow drain situation, I decided I had nothing to lose and went to it. I am an upside person, but using the fact that you're standing in your own rinsed off grodiness to understand how difficult bathing conditions in third world countries must be to abate my whiny thoughts has only limited success. With my only materials being my hand cloaked in a trash bag, scissors and hot water I removed all of the hair, etc. from the drain. It didn't really help, but I hadn't expected it to. I scrubbed the shower down, waited for the silt to drain. A few minutes into the shower and of course with soap in my eyes, I heard a belch from the pipes underneath me. At first I wasn't sure what it was, but realized it was the drain clearing. It took my best measures of self control to keep from jumping up and down. My place has really lame construction quality and I pictured jumping up and landing finally in the tub a floor below Laurel & Hardy style. Of course with the plumbing the way it is, the stuff I cleared is probably now partnering with other blockages to necessitate a serious call from the handyman for a full snaking, but for now I bask in my small victory. It feels great to rock at small home repair skills.


artlung said...

Hair clogs are gross! Nice work!

Tamara said...

I know exactly what you were dealing with. I just recently started showering with my own grime too. I however am not as MacGyverish as you when it comes to plumbing and will be calling my handyman when I finish typing this...thanks for reminding me.
On a side note though, the handyman fixed some things in my shower last week and I am pretty sure what ever he did is the cause of the recent slow drain. Geeze Louise.

Elinoire said...

I laugh every time I see the commercial that promises you that if you don't find the perfect person in 6 months, you get another 6 months (of a dating service that is apparently useless) for free! Huh.

When I canned spiced pears I idiotically tried to put all the peels in the then-merely-boyfriend Mr. Elinoire's (rented) condo garbage disposal. Yeah, not a very good idea. We tried commercial drain decloggers, boiling water, and baking soda and vinegar, but nope.

Finally the saintly Mr. Valerie (I don't know how public he wishes to be) came over with a plumbing snake (Valerie and Mr. Valerie have *everything* -- did you know they own their own JACKHAMMER?! oh yes they do) and that did the trick.

Just something to keep in mind... I'm sure he'd loan it (or the jackhammer, though that seems a bit extreme for this particular situation) to you if you didn't want to impose on his time and plumbing expertise. :-)