Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Month Without an Esthetician

I was a few weeks overdue when I finally made it into the beauty shop on the first of this month. I thought they were joking or that something was lost in translation when I was told that Rosie wouldn't be back until after Halloween. It has been eighteen full days and the growth is even worse than what originally drove me there. I have hair in pores I didn't even know grew hair. The thought of trying to erradicate it myself isn't even a real option as she's the only one who's made sense of my eyebrows and upper lip in this millenia. I miss my arches!

Getting Ready for Friday Night

I'm trying to think on the bright side.

"Halloween is a good time of the year to have extra facial hair!"

Who Are These People?

"Who needs the Groucho Marx glasses?" My green frames are pretty thick and with a cigar, I could probably be admitted to my friend's Halloween party (costume fragment demanded for entrance or you get one at the door). They used to look like this:

Dale, Me & Greg

All of this is devolving into bad self-imagery. I was looking at myself before getting in the shower and saw an emoticon staring back at me. It wasn't :-| or even :-), it looked more like :-O.

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