Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nice Shirt, Ethnic Sir...

There is a plus to having a nine letter name! Strange anagrams of my name:

Nicer Shit
Enrich Its
I Snitcher
Ethnic Sir
Reich Isn't
In Richest
Thrice Sin
Retch I Sin
Tech In Sir
Nice Shirt
Hi Cistern
Rice Thins (Rejected cracker?)
Cries Thin (Don't I wish!)
Irish Cent
Chi Ne Stir (Sort of French for 'Don't Stir My Chi'?)
Chin Tries
Inch Tires
Rich Stein (Only the Good Beer)
Rich Set In (Any time now, go ahead!)
Itch Rinse
Ricin Seth
She Nitric (Super Hero?)
Her Sit Inc
Re Shit Inc (Not making this up!)
Risc Thine
Sic Hinter

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