Sunday, July 03, 2005

Let the Sun Shine, Let the Sun Shine In...

Five years ago, I bought a car that *happened* to have drug dealer tinting on the front windows. It's so dark, that if I'm turning at night, I sometimes have to roll down my window to look out it. It's been nice not getting a sunburn on my left arm (only) on car trips, but it was not not getting a fix it ticket to have removed. Whoever you are, Mr. CHP man, thank you for the encouragement that I could do it myself. Using a DIY web tutorial, I removed both window's tinting in about an hour. Didn't scratch the glass (go me!), but I inhaled a lot of 409 spraying down the windows. It was as described, a gross mess that took a whole roll of paper towels and 4 razor blades. Thank goodness for the little gadget I have for scraping down the stovetop. Only one small nick on a finger.

Luke, I would have used up one of my birthday hours on this!

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