Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Latest Work Restroom Irritant

In June, I wrote about the bathroom whistler that cramped my style. Today brought a new experience. Our building was designed in the 1960's and women's restrooms have an extra lounge attached to them. For the longest time, the one at work had a couch and no one really used it. About five years ago, a student employee discovered a stack of very raunchy magazines next to a box of Chem Wipes on the couch. We changed the lock and converted it into a store room almost overnight.

Today I needed to get some materials for an upcoming conference out of the bathroom storeroom. When I first unlocked the door, my key became stuck in the lock. The light over the door is out and there isn't a light inside; it was dark and the room is really dusty. With the door open, I saw that what I needed was out of reach. Kevin was able to help me get my key out of the lock and I went and found a ladder. The second time the door opened much easier and I quickly set up the ladder. While I was coming into the bathroom, I could hear a lot of loud farting from the only person in there. For men reading, it's not typical for women to be so loud when other's are around. I understand men let it rip, but not women usually unless it is a gastic necessity. I was put off a little, but figured the poor creature better release all of that air rather than worry about what I would think.

I got to the second to last step on the ladder and reached for the box I needed. Almost exactly at the same time, the woman farted again (really loudly) and my cell phone rang. I exclaimed, "You've got to be kidding me!", over my dismay at the inopportunely timed cell phone call. The woman must have though that I was at my whit's end with her gas, because she then started saying "Excuse me" after each big gasser from that point on. It was echoey in the bathroom/storeroom and I was also worried the person on the call would think I was farting while talking. I'm glad I only need to go into the storeroom a few times a year. Hanging out in public restrooms is not my idea of entertainment. If the person was one of my coworkers and ever reads this, 1,000 apologies for blogging about your "business".

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Anonymous said...

"I'm glad I only need to go into the storeroom a few times a year."

It was funnier when I misread 'restroom' instead of 'storeroom'...