Saturday, January 22, 2005

Key Lime Pie

I didn't spend any time researching this pie. I just made the recipe off the sweetend condensced milk can. It turned out great. I had never made a meringue pie. You first mix the lime part, bake 30 minutes, and then add the meringue top and bake a little longer. I just used a pre-made crust from the refrigerator section.

Next time I think a graham cracker crust would taste better. Cook's Illustrated says just adding whipped cream after the pie cools tastes better than the meringue, but I have some unfans of whipped cream in my house. They also point out that key limes are a PIA to work with and most people are making Persian Lime pies, which taste just as good.

Just for fun I looked up Mark Bittman's recipe. He such a spaz! He is kind of elitist and tells cooks if they ever tastes caro syrup, they wouldn't cook with it, let alone use it in pecan pie. Well excooze me, it tastes good to the rest of us in pecan pie. I am relieved to find that he doesn't feel the same about sweetened condensced milk. His recipe looks a lot like the one on the can, but he calls for more eggs and confectioner's sugar in the meringue.

I'm going to make this again soon, but using the Cook's Illustrated recipe next time. Then I'm onto Coconut Cream Pie. It was the last food my grandpa asked for on his deathbed. I think this is a pretty massive vote for this flavor pie!

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