Tuesday, December 11, 2007

OCD Baking Log #412

What have I been up to in between blog entries? It's not very interesting, but I can show you pictures of what I've been doing between what I've been doing - you know the multi of my multitasking. Could be the cold, but I've been baking, cooking and sewing constantly.

Cinnamon Rolls
I baked cookies at a friend's house last week and in reading through cookbooks, trying to be inspired about cookies, I kept coming back to cinnamon roll recipes. I wanted to bake something with yeast. 2 oz or 8 packages of yeast. First I made a sponge:
The Sponge

While the sponge rose, I put massive amounts of flour and sugar together with yolks and butter:
Six Egg Yolks

Lots of mixing and kneading later, I produced this ball of dough:
Dough Rising #1

I watched it rise twice, rolled out the dough using my super duper rolling pin and slathered on butter, cinnamon and sugar:
Slathering with Butter, Cinnamon and Sugar

I rolled it tightly and cut it into rolls. Yay, I was almost finished:
Cutting Rolls from the Log

Just for fun, I watched the rolls rise AGAIN:
More Rising

It took a while, but after several minutes the most amazing smell started to emanate from my home:

Finished and iced buns:

Here is the sad postscript... neither the kids nor I really liked them. I did engender much good will from pals at work and from Mr. Green Eyes. I'm looking for a really good cinnamon roll recipe so I can try again!

The six egg whites made wonderful chocolate chip meringue cookies that were gobbled up and loved by all.


Elinoire said...

I'm sad that you didn't like the beautiful rolls. Any idea what the problem was? Too much of something or not enough of something else?

I have a bunch of frozen egg whites left over from making ice cream. I should bring them in for you to make cookies with now that I know you like them. I really, really don't... which is why they're in the freezer, waiting for a purpose.

artlung said...

This looks like not enough frosting to me. But wonderful pix and a valiant effort!

comment dit-on said...

I feel your pain. Really. I made the cinnamon rolls in "The New Best Recipe" a few months ago and Leo and I were so disappointed by the rolls. The frosting, on the other hand, was cream cheese goodness. I ended up making a double batch of it to get the rolls down. (There's nothing that powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and cream cheese can't fix!) :)

Aaryn said...

So, a site I found recently has a recipe for cinnamon rolls. Go here:

Be sure to let me know if you make them! It think artlung would be happy with the amount of frosting on them...;)

She also writes at thepioneerwoman.com and it's pretty great stuff.