Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Baking Therapy

Peach Puzzle: Serious Food Porn
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Tonight I made the Peach Puzzle, from the most recent Cook's Country. I haven't made anything like it before. It's a cross between a cobbler and a pineapple upside down cake, but really not either. You place an empty ramekin in a pie plate face down with seven peaches, drizzle a yummy homemade syrup and top with a biscuit dough. Click through to my other Flickr pics to see the outcome. It was very satisfying to flip it onto a platter and see all of the syrup drain into the ramekin.

The syrup reminded me of breakfasts growing up. Neither my Mom or my grandma buy syrup. They would always make it alongside pancakes or waffles or dutch babies. Homemade isn't as thick, but it has a great flavor and no chemicals. It was also super hot. My grandma still makes hot chocolate on the stove with Ovaltine. I want to say it's making me hungry, but I'm stuffed from eating some of the puzzle.

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Elinoire said...

Mmmm, puzzle.

Reading your post makes me realize my subscription to that magazine ran out a while ago and I'd like to renew it. I still get Cook's Illustrated... I'm sure it was an accident because I like the magazine.

Penzey's One, now *that* is a subscription that I let lapse on purpose. They meant well but it never rose above looking like a newsletter put together by Marge in Accounting. Or something.

Snark, snark.