Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Emo Unearthed

Yes, the blog is finally back and so is that sad, emo mood it takes to sit here blogging. I am dressed appropriately in one of my favorite cardigans. What have I been doing since I posted my last blogilicious post? A serious amount of reading and baking. Cookies (chocolate cayenne pepper), bread (banana, orange cranberry), cakes (red velvet), brownies, pies (pumpkin, apple). I made lots of caramels and so much fudge that I still have some in my fridge from Christmas.


Valerie said...

I want all those baked goods. Especially the red velvet cake. Don't offer me any!
Sorry that the sads have hit...

Elinoire said...

Clearly you aren't baking enough happy drugs into your products. Surely there's a student around who can procure something for you?

Yeah, I wouldn't try that, either.

So, do all your kid's friends fight to come to your house for dinner (and DESSERT)? Because they should.