Thursday, July 13, 2006

Getting Serious Without Falling Overboard

Garrison Keillor has a great quote about marriage:

In general, the rules for marriage are similar to the rules for being in a lifeboat on the open ocean: don't crowd each other, no sudden moves, and keep all disastrous thoughts to yourself.

In searching for it, I found another great quote about the perfect woman:

The perfect woman is the woman who you love to converse with and who you want to tell everything to. The moment you have a big experience, you want her there to listen to your account of it. Her take on things fascinates you, her talk is pleasurable to you, and you love her company. That's what you want in a companion.

Is this true? Do men change at a specific age? The ones in my age range seem to be a lot more shallow. Maybe that's SoCal for you?


notkevin said...

I think you are hanging around the wrong men :)

Elinoire said...

I finally found one of those men but, man, it took forever. And there are trade-offs: Self esteem booster? Check. Willing/able of listening to my #1 rant for 5th time in a week? Check. Show up for things when he says he will? Sigh.

Still, I'm keeping him. :-)

comment dit-on said...


I found one at OkCupid. To date, it's the best relationship of my life.

Happy hunting!