Sunday, December 11, 2005


I am woman and man, hear me roar!!

After many failed attempts, some boiling water and more plunging attempts, I finally fixed a clogged toilet myself. This was not any ordinary clog. This was one that I'd tried plunging a dozen times, flushed after the water had gone down (which took an hour or so) and that I let sit over night.

This article actually helped or maybe it's a coincidence. Once I had the idea to get the air out of the plunger first, I was able to get supreme suction going. It occurs to me as I type this, how little interest this is going to hold for the .5 readers of my blog. Please appreciate this blog post as a geeky girl's version of the end zone dance. I am constantly excited when I tackle something that I think falls under the job description of handyman. On to the towel rack that recently fell down.


comment dit-on said...

Hope you spiked the football, too.

comment dit-on said...

And no one's ever referred to me as .5. Love it. : )

JesseeezMom said...

Good For You! Nothing is more frustrating than a clog. We switched to American Standard Champion Toilets. They will flush over 2 dozen golf balls- no clogging.

JeSais said...

Now you know you're a grownup !!