Sunday, March 13, 2005

Reminder: Cremation

Even though Costco has discount coffins, please spare me the Lady of Gualalupe casket and just cremate me. I hope I have enough time left that blogging is passe by then.

The casket FAQ is a true LOL. I was wondering the same thing, "Why is Costco selling caskets?!!" It takes 3 business days for the casket to arrive. I guess embalming takes care of that? I guess this service won't be used by a lot of traditional jewish and islamic families then. What would it cost to FEDEX something like that? I know lots of people that get stuff shipped to work because they're worried about not being home to sign for something. A casket might be hard to hide... especially if you have a cubicle.

I like this bolded statement they add:

Additionally, Acts of God, weather-related conditions and states of emergencies can delay delivery beyond the stated delivery parameters.

What thing falls in the acts of God category and not the weather-related and states of emergencies reasons that shipping can be delayed? I have to know!

You can order a casket just for "pre-planning purposes". You do not need to have a dead body to order one. Good to know! I hope they don't get asked it so often, they needed it to be on the web site to reduce calls.

Like this last part in all caps and bolded: THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC OR OTHER EVIDENCE THAT ANY CASKET WITH A SEALING DEVICE WILL PRESERVE HUMAN REMAINS . Maybe if that is an issue, they need to start carrying the Snow White model casket. It'd be a big seller, I bet!

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